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This is the first blog post I write, fulfilling a mission of active blogging that has been encouraged by those in my office and imposed on me by the age of social media.   I wondered though, how can I, accountant-introvert, contribute something meaningful to the social chatter?  Can I train myself to speak to a broad audience with whom there may not be immediate interaction?  Continue reading “Accountant-Introvert-Blogger” »

Delegating so you can focus on your mission

You have specific talents but you are not good at everything. As the President, CEO or Executive Director your time and talent can best be devoted to creating and implementing the organization’s vision and pursuing rapidly emerging opportunities.  This should be your core focus.   So why are you spending your precious time and talent building an internal finance function, an information technology process, or other noncore operations? Continue reading “Delegating so you can focus on your mission” »

Non-Cash Donations

For those of us who don’t like organizing a yard sale and hassling over a fair price for our precious collection on the Doobie Brother albums, there is always the option of calling the Salvation Army, or a similar not-for-profit organization that will pick up our unwanted items in exchange for a receipt.  The Pension protection Act of 2006 (PPA 2006) includes several provisions that require enhanced recordkeeping of these charitable contributions. Continue reading “Non-Cash Donations” »

Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual

A robust Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual (APP manual) is the organization’s written blue print defining the process and responsibility of each accounting/financial function in the organization.   With the recent changes in the accounting profession which affect a not-for-profit’s governance and reporting to the Internal Revenue Service, the APP manual has become increasingly relevant but also in desperate need of revision. Continue reading “Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual” »

Employees Expense Reimbursements: Beware of IRS’s accountable plan requirement!

Under IRC sections 62(a)(2) and 62(c), reimbursements for travel (including amounts allowable under established per diem rates) that meet established tests for an accountable plan, are not subject to employment taxes (federal income tax withholding, social security and Medicare). Continue reading “Employees Expense Reimbursements: Beware of IRS’s accountable plan requirement!” »