Federal Grant Regulations

Government Funding Requirements

Are you:

  • New to grant government funding?
  • Tired of tracking endless funding requirements?
  • Concerned that you may not be grant compliant?
  • Unable to find or keep qualified staff to manage your grant?
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Financial Lifecycle of Government Funding

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Let Lumix guide you.

Lumix Advisors can walk you step-by-step through the rules, policies, and procedures of federal grants management and accounting needed to:

  • fulfill your government grant obligations and achieve grant compliance
  • retain your funding, and
  • strengthen your eligibility for future grant awards.

Choose Lumix as your outsourced accountant for nonprofits for some or all of your financial and regulatory grant compliance.

As a mission-based organization, you know that federal grants are key to expanding your capacity and reach. But they come with a host of special (sometimes contradictory) requirements. Lumix experts guide you through:

Let Lumix handle the details so you can change the world.

Contact us at 240-395-4500 for a free consultation to see how Lumix can transform your organization give you peace of mind and help you achieve grant compliance. Our accounting services is based in Bethesda, MD, and works with small businesses and federal grants DC metro area and Chevy Chase, MD.

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Listen to one of our satisfied clients!

“I have seen the Lumix team come into an organization and provide clear and timely information to properly manage federal, local and private awards. In my previous role as Deputy Director of an organization that received most of its income from federal awards, we were barely managing grants with excel spreadsheets and month old reports that were outdated by the time we saw them. Directors had to specifically ask about the transactions making up the balance in an expense account, and this started a lengthy process of correcting improperly coded transactions. The systems that Lumix installed allowed Directors to approve an expense under a federal award as soon as it entered the system with the ability to make immediate corrections. Lumix also set up a time keeping system that enabled us to closely monitor our staff’s time and ensure that we stayed within the hours that were budgeted for each award. The systems allow Directors to compare their approved award budget to spending, with numbers updated daily. The result was great visibility, control and the ability to accurately and easily plan for the complete use of the award without overspending. The systems also allowed the organization to implement controls for compliance with award regulations. Agency auditors were very pleased with the systems and the organization thrived financially!”

Jeffrey R. Dion, CEO
Jeffrey R. Dion, CEO

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