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Client Accounting Services

Each business is unique and every business leader needs flexibility. Let us tailor a package of services that will address your specific set of concerns.

You need accounting services that can be scaled to meet your business’s current size and demands while planning for future growth. Our Client Accounting Services (CAS) team will take care of your organization’s accounting functions on your behalf and reduce operational costs. We can perform these tasks virtually from our Chevy Chase/Bethesda office or on-site at your location. By outsourcing your nonprofit accounting functions to us, you can streamline your business and focus on the areas where you and your staff add the most value. In turn, leveraging our team’s expertise will return the most value to your organization.


Customizable Payroll And HR Soluction To Meet our Business Needs

Your strategic partner for peace of mind.

Lumix Payroll & HR Solutions, P.C. offers outsourced Payroll and Human Resources services to businesses that cannot afford their own payroll and HR staff. Our highly experienced HR professionals can handle everything from weekly payrolls and employee issues, to federal, state, and local employment law compliance.

We offer Payroll and HR solutions that are customized to the specific needs of your organization. Whether your operation lacks someone to handle daily HR requirements, or you have HR personnel and need more of the time-consuming tasks handled by an outsourced team, we can offer the right level of support for your nonprofit HR and payroll needs.

Our clients have a single contact at Lumix who can be reached at a moment’s notice to answer questions and address issues in the workplace. Let our expertise save you time and energy, and offer you the peace of mind of having a trusted HR advisor.


Nonprofit Accounting

Did you know that your nonprofit organization has most of the same needs as a for-profit business? For starters, it needs to at least break even, but it should have a planned surplus from operations to build a reserve for future projects or unexpected funding shortfalls. It has to carefully monitor cash flow, have available lines of credit, and meet the employment tax and regulatory requirements imposed on all businesses.


Financial Lifecycle of Government Funding

Grant Regulations

Government Funding Requirements

Are You:

  • New to grant government funding?
  • Tired of tracking endless funding requirements?
  • Concerned that you may not be grant compliant?
  • Unable to find or keep qualified staff to manage your grant?

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