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Client Accounting Services

You need accounting services that can be scaled to meet your business’s current size and demands while planning for future growth. Our Client Accounting Services (CAS) team will take care of your organization’s accounting functions on your behalf and reduce operational costs.  We can perform these tasks virtually from our DC Metro office or on-site at your location.  By outsourcing your accounting functions to us, you can streamline your business and focus on the areas where you and your staff add the most value.  In turn, leveraging our team’s expertise will return the most value to your organization.

Compliance Services

  • Financial Statements – We can monitor your entity’s financial health by providing real-time information and reports.  Our services are customized to support your process, from the transaction input through analyzing financial statements.  Based on these reports, we discuss the results of your operations on a regular basis.

  • Payroll and/or Human Resources – We offer a variety of HR services from managing daily administrative tasks to running payroll to assisting you with the strategic alignment of HR with your organization’s goals and mission.  We take measures to ensure your organization is in compliance with federal and state laws.

  • Audit Preparation – As former auditors, we know how to prepare trustworthy reports for your audit. We make sure your financial records are complete and serve as a liaison during the entire process. Take comfort in the fact that we have a 100% success rate in clean audit opinions for our clients.

  • Foundation and Government Grants – Grants that fund not-for-profit organizations require budgets, expense tracking, reporting, and an understanding of indirect cost reimbursement.  In addition, government grants have very specific requirements and limitations.  We have extensive experience with both types of grants and recognize that charging an accurate rate benefits your business.

  • Board Reporting –We provide a full set of financial statements that depicts an accurate and straight-forward picture of your entity’s financial health, including interactive dashboards.  This allows Board members to efficiently review the relevant financial issues.  We are also available to present to the Board in conjunction with the Chief Executive.

  • Charitable Registration – Not-for-profit organizations who solicit donations are required to register with certain states in order to be in compliance.  Each state has its separate requirements, deadlines, and forms.   We understand the complexity of this process and can take care of it for you.

Technology Services

  • Digital Accounting Services – We can set up a fully online and cloud-based accounting system for your organization.  We use a combination of platforms endorsed by the AICPA and other established systems with years of industry backing.  We are confident we can find the right solution for you.

CFO Services

  • Budgets, Projections and Cash Management – Business leaders need information to plan effectively.  We provide you with the necessary financial tools and thorough analysis to help you strategically plan for your organization’s future.

  • Metrics – We realize that an entity needs to track performance based on factors such as number of meals or constituents served, in addition to financial statements.  We develop systems to track these metrics, combine them with financial data, and provide additional costs per meal or constituents.  All of this information can be made available online and in real-time.

  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) – KPIs track an entity’s measurement of health using well-established indicators.  We compare these indicators to those of other entities within your industry to assess your overall financial competitiveness.

  • Accounting Structure, Financial Process Analysis and Staff Training – We assess your current accounting structure and work flow to propose a more efficient system.  This process is designed to save you time and resources by eliminating redundant work, inserting essential controls, and maximizing efficiencies.  We then train your current staff to follow the new system.

  • CFO Services – Most small businesses and organizations do not have the budget to afford a full-time and experienced CFO.  We offer per diem services to meet your specific needs.  We can run specialized analysis or reports, meet with you and third parties to discuss complex financial information, or simply serve as your sounding board and provide you with our expertise.


  • Tax Preparation and Planning – We offer tax preparation services to individuals, small businesses, and not-for-profits.  We also offer tax planning and cost-saving techniques throughout the year.

Indirect Cost Services

  • Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreements – Recovering the correct amount of overhead on your grants can make the difference in your not-for-profit organization’s ability to thrive. What is the correct amount? We can calculate this ratio and prepare the Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (NICRA) to submit to your cognizant agency.

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