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Lumix Payroll & HR Solutions, P.C. offers HR outsourcing services and payroll to small businesses that cannot afford their own payroll and HR staff. Our highly experienced HR professionals and CPAs can handle everything from weekly payrolls and employee issues, to federal, state, and local employment law compliance.

Our HR outsourcing services and payroll solutions are customized to the specific needs of your organization. Whether your operation lacks someone to handle daily HR requirements, or you have HR personnel and need more of the time-consuming tasks handled by an outsourced team, we can offer the right level of support for your nonprofit HR and payroll needs.

Our clients have a single contact at Lumix who can be reached at a moment’s notice to answer questions and address issues in the workplace. Let our expertise in hr outsourcing and accounting solutions save you time and energy, and offer you the peace of mind of having a trusted HR advisor or CPA for small business.

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