It’s the season of giving thanks and expressing gratitude! I always appreciate this holiday’s ability to offer us the opportunity to become more aware of all that we have to be thankful for and to express our gratitude more intentionally. 

We typically think of thankfulness in relation to our personal lives, but it extends to our lives at work, too. In the spirit of connecting our thankfulness to our professional lives, I thought I’d illuminate a few of the ways that our clients discover how very thankful they are to have their outsourced accounting needs to Lumix. 

Team Member Turnover or Leaves of Absence? No Worries When You Outsource 

Every organization faces unexpected news from team members. Maybe one of your team members has to take extended leave or has accepted another job. It happens all the time.

In these situations the most you will get is a two-week notice, which we all know is not enough to post a job, interview, onboard and train a new person to fill the position.

If you’re outsourcing accounting to Lumix, our CPA firm is responsible for providing you the resources to complete your work on a timely basis. No matter what is happening on your team, you can rest assured that your business will continue operating smoothly from an accounting perspective.

Your Nonprofit Receives a Grant and There is MUCH Accounting Work to be Done

In the world of nonprofits, securing a grant can be a very exciting time for the organization. (Note, we don’t recommend you say “yes” to every grant, though. You can read more about that here.) 

In the event that your nonprofit receives a large grant or, in a different scenario, starts a new program that is generating a lot of financial activity, you will need to increase your accounting staff rapidly to handle the workload.

However, you will only need those extra hands and minds for a short period of time. Lumix can be there to help you scale up or down to fill these temporary needs.

Your Nonprofit Needs Fractional, Not Full Time, Accounting Services

Organizations of every size need access to ongoing, reliable, relevant CFO, financial advisory, and accounting expertise, but many do not need this department in-house.

Many organizations need to consult a nonprofit expert on a regular basis but do not need one full time and cannot afford to hire one full time.  Our expertise can be hired as needed, on a fractional basis, so that your organization gets just the right amount of support and advice based on your unique budget and requirements. 

Choosing Lumix as your outsourcing accounting partner is something many of our nonprofit clients are thankful for. We would love to partner with your organization, too. Contact us today and let’s see what Lumix can do for you.