Hiring an expert team to establish structure, efficient systems, and processes will help you comply with government grant requirements and will add value to your organization in many ways:

  • This team focuses on government grant compliance and accounting issues – nothing else! You have a good finance team in your organization, but they have a very tight schedule with current daily, weekly and monthly deliverables. Winning a government award adds an extra layer to their responsibilities and can easily be pushed aside as having less priority, until they are forced to make it a priority. The newness and confusion of these new requirements can be time consuming and there will surely be a steep learning curve. Bringing a team dedicated to creating efficient systems and processes, and training your staff will get you off to the right start with fewer interruptions to your operations. And if you prefer, you can hire the team to take care of the entire compliance and accounting process, freeing up the current staff to contribute to the organization in ways that better align with their personal strengths.
  • Bring expertise from working with other clients. We’ve seen a few of the same issues with other clients, with other cognizant agencies and other grant managers. We can use our experience to guide you to the best approach when there are unique situations.
  • Outside and practical perspective with perhaps simpler solutions. Sometimes it takes a different set of eyes to look at a current process to suggest ways to improve it or to change it altogether to use the most modern technology and maximize its efficiency.
  • Improved grant monitor’s confidence. Your grant monitor will ask how you are proceeding to comply with the grant requirements, ask for reports, and plan visits to review systems and outputs. Having strong systems, producing clear reports, and interacting with a team who is very confident about the handling of grant funds will undoubtedly enhance your relationship with the grant monitor.
  • Open new possibilities for you to apply for more awards. Once you have a structure that works as expected, with tasks that need to be performed at set dates, and staff who knows when and what to complete, you can proceed confidently to add more government grants.
  • Cost savings opportunities. All of the factors above will result in cost savings to your organization. The time (including extra hours) that will require your team to do the research and create systems from scratch will be eliminated. Our expertise will help reduce costly errors. Our fresh perspective will improve the efficiency of your finance team. Your grant monitors will ask fewer questions, perhaps visit less frequently, and request less support if they have the confidence that you are handling the award properly. You will position your organization for steady and strong financial growth.

Expert teams, at the right time, can add great value to your organization and propel its growth!