Lumix Payroll and HR Solutions

Lumix Payroll & HR Solutions, P.C. offers outsourced Payroll and Human Resources services to businesses that cannot afford their own payroll and HR staff.  Our highly experienced HR professionals can handle everything from weekly payrolls and employee issues, to federal, state, and local employment law compliance.

We offer Payroll and HR solutions that are customized to the specific needs of your organization.  Whether your operation lacks someone to handle daily HR requirements, or you have HR personnel and need more of the time-consuming tasks handled by an outsourced team, we can offer the right level of support for your nonprofit HR and payroll needs.

Our clients have a single contact at Lumix who can be reached at a moment’s notice to answer questions and address issues in the workplace.  Let our expertise save you time and energy, and offer you the peace of mind of having a trusted HR advisor.

Compliance Management

  • Compliance Assessments and Corrective Action: Have us evaluate your compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws and propose corrections. We will draft employment policies, implement procedures for proper maintenance of personnel files, evaluate the accuracy in your classification of exempt and non-exempt employees, and perform internal assessments of compliance with employment practices liability coverage.
  • Payroll: We run your payroll, make direct deposit, and prepare the quarterly payroll reports due to the IRS and respective state & local authorities, as well as year-end W-2s.
  • Record Keeping and Data Management: We can maintain your personnel files to meet legal record keeping requirements.
  • Employee Handbook: We prepare a draft handbook to outline company policies and procedures and advise you on best practices in the industry.
  • Policy Development and/or Implementation: We can also draft new policies as needed and notify employees of any changes to established policies. We address unique HR needs.
  • Leave Management: We will track a variety of leave including vacation, sick, compensatory, FMLA, etc. to ensure your organization’s compliance with state and federal laws.

Employee Relations Management

  • Onboarding and Orientation: Have us develop an onboarding process to include pre-first-day communication, preparation and gathering of paperwork, and first-day orientation.
  • Performance Management: We can create an evaluation process and timeline with corresponding documents and metrics to measure success.
  • Discipline and Grievances: We work closely with management and staff to resolve any employment relations issues, in accordance with employment laws.
  • Termination: We can create a termination protocol to ensure that all terminations are handled properly and follow employment laws.
  • Employee Satisfaction: We can measure employee satisfaction and engagement through the surveys and interviews to achieve greater employee engagement.
  • Employee Safety: Let us establish and enforce policies like OSHA and Emergency Protocols.
  • Workplace Training: We coordinate training employees on workplace issues like communication and bias.
  • Employee Service Center: We serve as the point of contact for managers and employees to provide guidance and resources as needed.
  • Recruitment:  Recruitment can be tedious, time consuming, and frustrating. Ask us how we can help you with the recruitment process.

Compensation and Benefits Management

  • Compensation Programs: We can help you create competitive compensation packages based on a formal organizational philosophy, structure, and market research.
  • Benefits Design and Administration: We do the legwork in maintaining, evaluating and renewing insurance policies annually by creating benefits comparisons and calculations.
  • Provider Management: We also serve as the point of contact with your benefit providers, like insurance and financial vendors, helping maintain a good relationship with them.
  • Reward and Recognition Programs: To increase employee morale and retention rates, we can help develop and implement rewards and recognition programs.
  • Learning and Development: We track career development goals for all personnel.

Lumix Human Resources Services